Boy Next Door - Jack Gilinsky Fanfiction Part 10


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You don’t know what suddenly got into your head. But having Jack on top of you kissing you all over the places made you want him right now and nothing could stop that. You sat up to take your shirt off, Jack looked at you and bit his lip. You looked back at him and smirked a little. He then took his big hands on your hips and then slid them down and took your panties off. Then he took his pants off. He put his hands on your waist and pushed you up on the bed, and slid his fingers into you. You moaned. “Be quiet, they can’t hear us” Jack said. He moved his finger faster and you could feel you whole body shiver. “Tell me you are mine” he grunted. You didn’t say anything, but you put your hands on his boxers and started feeling his dick. You felt it get hard. You pulled them down and put your hand on it. You started moving your hand up and down on it. “Fuck it, no more teasing” he said and pushed your hand away. He spread your legs and thrusted into you.  “Say you are mine” he whispered out. “Sam” you moaned to tease and let your head fall back. His eyes darkened and he bit his lip. He started thrusting into you harder, deeper and faster. You bit your lip and dug your nails into his back trying not to scream. He breathed deeply “What did you say?” he said and continued. He moaned your name and tried to continue. He fell down with his arms on each side on your head. He still continued and you could feel his warm breath on your skin. You bit his chest so you wouldn’t scream. He got out of you, but you weren’t done yet. He laid down on his back and you got on top.  You grinded him back and forth, and then you went up and down. “Shit Y/N” he said and grabbed his hair. You took his hands and put them on your hips. You continued grinding on him while you bent your body over and started kissing his neck. You could feel his hands tighten on your hip. “Fuck Jack” you grunted out between your lips. “Say that again” he whispered into your ear. “Fuck Jack” you almost screamed out. He smiled, then he pushed you down and went down on you. He put his tongue in and you grabbed his hair and had to bite your lip again not to scream. You could feel the blood taste on your lips, but the feeling Jack gave you was way much stronger. He put his finger in as he moved his tongue. He moved his finger to the movement off his tongue. “Jack, I can’t take it anymore, I’m coming soon” you said. “No, not until you tell me you are mine” he said and thrusted into you again. This time he went nice and slow, and you felt your nails dig in on his back again. “I’m yours Jack” you moaned. “What’s that?” he smirked. “Damn it Jack, I’m yours” you said. He got out and lied down besides you. The both off you tried to catch your breath. “You’re mine” he then said and kissed you. You moved closer to him and lied on his chest, he wrapped his arm around you and started tracing his fingers on your back.

The next morning you woke up of the sound of people talking and laughing. You got up and looked out of the guest room window. Most of the people you had met last night were outside at Johnson’s swimming pool. You saw Johnson and Sam down there too. “Do you guys hangout with people all the time?” you asked with your morning voice. “Yeah, we’re like a big family who hangs out everywhere we can hang out” Jack answered. Then he turned around and looked at you and started laughing. “What?” you asked confused. Then he made a sign with his head to the mirror. You went in front of it. “Oh. My. God” you said and put your hands into your hair. You had hickeys all over your neck and chest, and bruises all around your waist. Then Jack stood up and the same words came out of your mouth “Oh my god Jack”. He had hickeys all over his neck and bite marks all over his chest. “How are we gonna supposed to go down to the pool now?” you said worried. He just laughed and turned around to pick up his phone on the night table. “Fuck” you said. “You did a good job with that last night” Jack said and smirked. “No. Your back, Jack”. He looked at it in the mirror. “Damn, you did a really good job” he said laughing and looking at all the scratches. “Jack we can’t go down like this” you said. “Of course we can” he answered and winked.

You put on a hoodie and put some makeup on all the hickeys on your back. “Y/N, you know it’s like 87 degrees outside” Jack said laughing at you. “I don’t care, it’s embarrassing” you said. He put a tanktop on, “Can you at least put a T-shirt on to cover the scratches?” you begged him. “Fine” he said and changed again. Then he walked over to you and grabbed you from behind, he spun you around and then kissed you on your lips. “Last night was amazing” he said. “I know, thanks Sam” you said again to tease him. “Fuck you” he said. “Already did” you answered and started walking down.

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